Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use LED neon lights instead of standard neon lights?

LED neon lights are much more durable than standard neon lights, they are also more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. A custom LED neon light is also cheaper to customise than their traditional counterpart, saving you money!

Do LED neons look as good as traditional neon lights?

YES! If anything they look better. You have more control over the brightness, colour and designs!

I want a design that isn't available on your website?

Then please try our 'Design your own' neon sign builder. If you still can't get what you want then please send us an email at and we'll be happy to make something up for you.

How big can I have a sign?

As big as you need! If a size isn't listed then please feel free to contact us.

How do I attach my LED neon light to the wall?

With our free hanging kit you can either attach directly to the wall or hang it by chain. You can also attach your signs with adhesive strips(not included).

Can you make any sign?

The only limit is your imagination! We can make almost any design you could come up with.

How long does delivery take?

Our average delivery time is about 9-16 days but please be aware under busy periods deliveries can take up to three weeks. We will always keep you posted if there are any delays.

What clear acrylic backing options do you have?

We can either cut the acrylic close around the design or you can have a squared backing.

What courier do you use?

Our preferred shipping partners are Fedex, Hermes and Parcelforce. Who we send with depends on the size/weight or the sign and where we're sending to.

Do you offer other plug options?

We offer UK, US, EU and AU plug options.

Do you post internationally?

Yes, we are happy to post worldwide but please be aware we do not take responsibility for any custom charges outside of the UK.

How much is shipping?

All UK orders come with free shipping!

We have a flat rate of £19.99 for international orders.

Where are you based?

Our HQ is located in Berkshire, UK.

I have a problem, who do I contact?

Please contact us at the bottom right of the screen or send an email to

What colours can you do my sign in?

We have 12 bright and beautiful colours that we offer.

Please be aware the colours shown are for reference purpose only. It's very hard to replicate neon colours due to the fact they look different depending on the picture/screen they're viewed on.

If there is a colour we don't list but you have your heart set on then please drop us a message and we'll try our best to still get it for you.

Are your signs splashproof?

Unfortunately they are not but we do offer a acrylic box option which can be used outside to protect it from the elements. The power supply is not splashproof.

Can you make my logo into a sign?

Yes! Please go to our upload page and send us your logo.

What do the backing shape options mean?

All of our neon signs come with a clear acrylic backing. The 'Cut to shape' option means that the acrylic backing will be cut close to the letters on your design. The 'Square' option means the backing shape will be a rectangle.

What does the 'Clear acrylic box' include?

Instead of being attached to acrylic backing the sign comes in a clear box. This will make the sign splashproof and protect it from the elements. Despite this we still don't reccomend leaving the signs out for long period of time as this voids the warranty.